Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's an X-Men Vs. X-Men Rumble! (issue #100)

August 1976

In the immortal words of Dave Matthews: So much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say!

1 - How did I not notice that the UPC symbol started showing up on the cover? And I call myself a UPC fan?! (If you must know, I checked and its first appearance on an X-Men book was just last issue (#99). Go ahead and wheel that fact out to amaze your friends, when there is a lull in dinner conversation!)

2 - This cover made me, for some reason, really aware of the X-Men's feet. It's kinda interesting how each costume is so unique that one might be able to tell which X-Man one were looking at, solely by looking at their feet ... if one were a foot fetishist.

2a - It also made me think about how gross it is that Beast has to be barefoot all the time, to make use of his prehensile toes. They often visit New York City, people! How was this not a bigger plot-point in many of these comics?! "Have fun in the Danger Room, guys ... I'm off to scour my feet with bleach ... again!"

3 - To say "AT LAST -- The spectacular 100th issue" is a BIT misleading. Remember how the series was originally cancelled, after issue #66? Well, after that, they continued to run a bunch of reprints until the series came back - but they kept numbering them consecutively! (So, there was an issue #67, but it was just a reprint of issue #13!) Therefore, this is REALLY issue #74, but "AT LAST! ISSUE 74!" doesn't have the same ring.

Suck it up. Suck it up. Suck it up.

Monday, November 18, 2013

X-Menauts (Issue #99)

June 1976

"Deathstar Rising"?! As this was published in June of 1976 - almost a full year before Star Wars hit theaters, I sure hope (a NEW hope?!) that they sued the pants off of old man Lucas!

In other cover news: It's issue 99! And that means that not only can I not stop saying "ninety nine!" in the way that Get Smart would, but that next issue is the big one-oh-oh!

Though, poor issue 99 (NINETY NINE!) must feel like it's an also-ran. Merely a prelude to a better issue 100! Parents are told that every child must shine on their own, and not feel under the shadow of a better sibling.

That's totally wrong. Boring, stupid, or just worse children should be shamed and compared to their betters. Therefore: Let's get this over quickly, 99 (NINETY NINE!) so I can read #100!