Thursday, August 7, 2014

Magneto Wishes Me A Very Happy Birthday (Issue #104)

April 1977
I am excited. Why? Because this issue came out in April of 1977. Turns out, *I* came out in April of 1977, too ... OF MY MOM, THAT IS! Wow, it's way more gross, when put like that, than I ever thought it could be!

But, anyway, here is the issue that was on newsstands while my mom was in labor for however many hours it was, delivering fat little old me and my huge head. Was this issue sitting on a spinner-rack in the hospital gift shop? Possibly! But, for certain, at least one kid was reading this issue as I entered the world, covered in blood and mucus. Too far.

It's a riff on the cover of X-Men issue #1, with the new cast in place of the old. That's neat-o, right? MAG neat-o?

And that's about all I have to say about that.

Banshee's love-interest and part-time caretaker of Professor X, Moira MacTaggert, has an island lab. As she's still in NY with Xavier, helping him cope with his space-people hallucinations, she's left it in the capable hands ... and hands ... and hands of a guy named Jamie Madrox! Madrox! My eyes went wide when I read that name! As a fan of mid-90s X-Factor comics, I knew that name all too well. As a kid, I'd think, "If only *I* had his powers, I'd never be lonely again...", then drift off into a wistful, friendless silence. I won't spoil what his power is, because the comics don't tell us, yet, either. How do you build suspense?