Monday, June 23, 2014

A Watery Grave (Issue #103)

February 1977

LOOK! Juggernaut hates the X-Men SO MUCH, that he's willing to destroy the very castle he is standing on to have things to throw at them! This is an unsustainable battle plan.

Meanwhile, Black Tom is like, "Um... I'm up here, too, Juggsy!"

Meanwhile, Banshee is all, "HEY! That's me childhood home!"

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler is saying, um, something vaguely German? (Ach du lieber?)

Meanwhile, Storm is like, "That laser blast singed my midriff!"

Meanwhile Chris Claremont (the writer) is like, "How can I get Storm naked, in THIS issue?"

And that's the story called "Death Siege". END SCENE!

Last issue (as you are certain to recall), Nightcrawler was knocked out during a fight with Juggsie and some dude named Black Tom, but was saved by people who live in the walls of the castle. Weird? Well, it's weirder, because those people-in-the-walls are wee folk, too!

Ironically, they actually prefer Cocoa Puffs.