Saturday, September 7, 2013

S v. N v. P - PART II! (The Amazing Spider-Man #162) [Read After Spider-Man #161]


If you can't read the bubble, Punisher is saying:

"Only ONE of us is coming down from here ALIVE!"

Which is not exactly what the car full of INNOCENT BYSTANDERS was hoping he'd say.


After a slight fight based around a 3-way misunderstanding over who is a sniper, the real shady sniper (wouldja please stand up, please stand up, please ... I'm so sorry...) starts sniping up the cable car. So everyone now knows it's not everyone else who is sniping, only the sniper - who is not one of our heroes. Even if that sentence was poorly constructed, it means: TEAM UP!

Oh, sure, YOU'RE the only one allowed to shoot up a cable car?
Punisher? More like ... um ... Double Standard-isher!

Pinned down by fire, Nightcrawler is the only one who can go after the sniper by bamf-ing off. The sniper flees, NC pursues, and Spidey and Punisher are free to climb down and get into the Punisher Mobile and drive away.

The Punisher Mobile is a creepy, windowless van.
Envy THAT, Batman!

The next scene deals with some drama between Peter Parker, M.J., and some other cool-guy-on-campus. Since this is supposed to be an X-Men blog, I am NOT going to cover it. (Look, I can only be emotionally invested in SO many peoples lives! [This goes for everyone I know in real life, too. Sorry!])

NEXT, we get inklings that something is going on with J. Jonah J. Jameson. J. But, again, I've only so much care-cash to spend, and the X-Men tap me out. MOVING ON!

So, then, The Spidersher and Pun-Man meet up and drive to a street fair where this guy Jigsaw shows up.

I'm not a punk, I'm a Mod.
Oi Oi Oi!

And just when this all-new arch-fiend is just about to "ice" (I'm using the hard lingo of the mean streets to match the tone of the comic) Spidey, Nightcrawler appears again, punches a few people, then disappears.

And that's it, really. I'm not going to get too in depth because a) aforementioned lack of caring b) its not really that deep of a story and I kinda did just cover it all.

Except ... did we ever learn who the sniper was?


So, this really wasn't an X-Men story at all. I don't know why I wasted my time (and yours!) with it. Is it worth being a completist, if it means I have to read issues like these? Issues with barely any X-Mans in them? The irony is that I read this story, yet somehow, if you remember, missed all The Avengers issues where Beast became a member of that group! I have learned that I have to make better choices ... because reading all of the X-Men of all time is turning out to be one of my worst choices ever.

Oh, who am I kidding, I love it. Sigh.

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