Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Red Raven (Issue #44)

Red Raven, Red Raven
Send ANGEL on ov...en?
Ah, issue 44! Do you know what that means? I do! It means that I/we am/is/are now 2/3 of the way through the Silver Age portion of the X-Men. So, 2/3 of the way to the series getting cancelled!

Quicksilver convinces Magneto to NOT kill the X-Men, only lock them up (like any good classic super villain should.) Within seconds, Angel escapes. When he asks Scott what to do, "Free us all, stupid!" is incredibly NOT what he says. Instead, he tells Warren to go get the Avengers, because they have cut a lucrative cross-over deal with the other franchise and it'll sell more books. "Meta," Angel mumbles, but flies off in search of the super-group, anyway.

Quicksilver - who can now FLY - chases him a bit, but his heart isn't in it, so Angel gets away. Two escapes in one day! Things are looking up for The Angel!

But the flight back to New York from ... where ever Magneto's fortress base is ... is long, so Angel stops to take a rest ... on a rock in the middle of the ocean. But it wasn't a ROCK ... it was a rock LOBSTAR ... no... sorry, it's an island that rises out of the sea. Angel is enRAPTURED by it. [What? It's not such a stretch to assume you comic lovers would get a Bioshock joke, is it?!] Seeing as how getting to the Avengers so he can rescue his friends - who could, remember, be killed at any moment depending on the capricious whim of a magnetic madman - isn't THAT important, Angel decides to play Rizzoli and Isles all by himself and do a bit of investigating. This is where the cover-character, Red Raven, shows up. They fight for a bit, but realize that that is SO cliche, so they call a truce so they can talk things over.

Now that's an ... INteresting turn of phrase.

Red Raven tells a story about bird people living in the clouds. They wanted to wipe out mankind, so he, Red Raven, put them all to sleep for 20 years. Twenty years have passed and the bird people are all going to wake up. Red Raven (Yummmmmm!) has to put them all back to sleep again. Angel says, "Why not let 'em wake up?! We can convince them that it's no use to attack!" Red Raven says, "Hey! That could work ... OR ... and just hear me out, ok? OR! I shoot you unconscious and put them all back to sleep, instead!" "Wha-" ZZZZZAP!

Angel wakes up adrift in the ocean and resumes his flight back to New York City. Does that make three escapes for Angel? Technically?

It's part 1 of Bobby "Iceman" Drake's origin story. Are you as excited as I am! Impossible.
In short: He's walking with his "best girl" and they are attacked by some jealous others, so Bobby freezes them. The girl freaks out, then the town freaks out and everyone tries to lynch him. They settle for only throwing him in jail. And THAT'S how he got his powers to control ice... What?!