Monday, November 26, 2012

Magneto's Back - and Front! (Issues #43)

Now you're playing with power...
MAGNETO power!
Fantastic Firsts: This next run will be the longest-parter yet, as it includes four issues. One of which is an issue of the Avengers. So, it's ALSO a "Fantastic First" [I JUST coined that phrase for this blog and, having used it just twice so far, already regret it] because it's our first true X-Men crossover. No longer do the X-Men have a guest star show up in their pages, THEY actually infiltrate another book's story. Does this show that X-Men was starting to get popular, as the team's appearance in another book wouldn't tank sales? Who knows! ALL SPECULATION from here on out, ok?! Deal.

Quicksilver, who has rejoined Magneto, drops in on Xavier's funeral, only to run away. (Which shouldn't have been too unexpected, really, since running is kinda his super power.

Fantastic First (ugh, I hate myself): Magneto's gang is called the "Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants"!
And, look, it takes a certain kind of person to be like, "Wait. What? We're EVIL?" and still stay in the club.
"No, I did NOT know the 'Baby Eaters of America' actually ate babies! I joined for the camping trips!"

Back at the mansion, the kids play a tape of Xavier's last words to them. It is revealed that the Professor has been teaching Jean telepathy, which is good, but that he fears Magneto is back from space, which is bad. Bad, especially, because we, the audience, didn't even know he went back to space! Are we to assume that space-cat, The Stranger, caught him and brought him back to the planet of inquisitive people? Guess so!

Here are some other things revealed in this issue that, apparently, happened either "off-camera" or in another comic book series that I am NOT going to read. (One comic book series, from beginning to end, is enough, thankyouverymuch!)
1) Toad is ALSO back! Yay...? Where did he go? I forget. How did he get back? No idea.
2) Quicksilver spent some time with the Avengers.
3) Scarlet Witch has lost her powers AND her mind
4) Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch (his sister) still have their Facebook relationship statuses set to "It's complicated"

To move this along: Magneto is putting together a device that will enslave the earth with a mind control ray and the last components he needs are on a tanker ship, so he plucks it from the water as effortlessly as only the master of magnetism could.

"I'm going to call it the Myrmidon! That'll show everyone that my
degree in Greek Classics wasn't a waste of time!"

Too bad it was a ploy by the X-Men! A Trojan horse, if you will (thanks again, Greek Classics education!). Magneto picks it up thinking "parts for my ray" and gets a face-full of eye-beam. How does he react:

He immediately regretted smashing his
"World's Greatest Magneto" mug.
Also: up to this point, we did not see Magneto drinking
coffee, so this is all just the illustrator being like, "Well, when *I* get mad,
I break my coffee mug ... let's have Magneto do THAT!"

Magneto and the X-Men start to scrap and Magneto says:

Panels later:

I guess you can be a hypocrite when you are, essentially, insane.


The first "Green" superhero? (Excluding THE HULK, of course! Oh, we have FUN, don't we?!)