Friday, April 6, 2012

Oscar Wao and the X-Men

I read this book called "The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao". I hated it. It made me hate books. It is clearly an author "working through some stuff" and putting it on a page to torture us with. I like being transported, in things I read... but if I'm transported to a lightless cesspool of depression, in which the author presents a sad situation then "Kafka's" the shit out of it, making the main character's life worse and worse until they die, I'd rather not go to that place. "But it's a 'character sketch" some might say. I hate "character sketches". Applying that phrase has become an author's "out" and absolves them from having to have a plot.

Also, I have to ask: What is so bad about a happy ending? Huh?!

So, I'm putting aside reading for a while.

For those that know me, this is like a crack addict saying a single bad rock put him off crack. Or ... some other analogy that I'm too depressed to think about right now.

For those that don't know me, just know this: This is a huge undertaking for me. What am I going to spend my down-time on? My commute time? What am I going to waste time doing instead of writing my own terrible novel, like I should be? If reading were my heroin, I needed a methadone.

Then it struck me (maybe even partially because "Oscar Wao" included some references to them - finding the silver lining!): There is almost 50 years of X-Men comics. Fifty glorious years of things that are NOT serious literature. Fifty years of mindless mutant-fighting. Fifty years of soap opera with claws and laser beams and kitten prides and Magnetos.

Pure escapism. I was sold.

So this is notice to the world: I'm going to attempt to work my way through ALL issues of the X-Men. ALL of them. All cross-overs, one-offs, spin-offs, limited runs, the works! Anything that is canonical will be read.

I'll try and blog about it, too, but we'll see how that goes!

See you in 50 years. Excelsior!